About MPEG
MPEG is a working group of ISO/ IEC with the mission to develop standards for coded representation of digital audio and video and related data. In order to accomplish its goal, MPEG holds meetings every 3 months where the MPEG professionals from all over the world can share the cutting edge solutions to MPEG. 

The MPEG 124 Meeting will be held in Macau during 8 to  12 October 2018. This one-week event not only provides a good opportunity for the MPEG professionals to exchange their ideas and build the international relationship, but also introduces the experts to Macau, a mixed-culture city with the name of "East Las Vegas".
Important Dates
JCT-VC  6-12 October 2018
JVET      3-12 October 2018
VCEG     6-12 October 2018
Ad hoc  6-7 October 2018
MPEG    8-12 October 2018
JRI WS  13-14 October 2018
MPEG-G WS 13 October 2018