MPEG G Workshop
Tencent will organize a MPEG G Workshop on October 13.

For those who need a Chinese Visa to attend the workshop in Shenzhen, please contact the organizer-Tencent to receive an Invitation letter. To get a Chinese Visa invitation letter, please fill in the attached letter and send it to to Tencent. As being a SAR of China, the Macao organizer can not issue the invitation letter for Chinese Visa.

Workshop organizer's contact:
Ms. Cara Jiatong CHANG 常佳彤

Alternatively you can get a Shenzhen Visa in Hong Kong & Shenzhen border at the Visa Office, and for more information about the Shenzhen Vise visit
Important Dates
JCT-VC  6-12 October 2018
JVET      3-12 October 2018
VCEG     6-12 October 2018
Ad hoc  6-7 October 2018
MPEG    8-12 October 2018
JRI WS  13-14 October 2018
MPEG-G WS 13 October 2018